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Obrien VooDoo combines hard-charging runs at the wake with a forgiving ride. Quad molded fins at each corner provide extra tracking, and the curved underside makes for quick and smooth edge transitions. The 3/4” thick pad provides plush comfort for your knees and ankles, while the 3-inch padded strap secures you for maximum control. If your searching for a great entry level kneeboard or something to get the kids started, the Voodoo is amazing value. One size fits all with kneeboards, so you don't need to worry about all the different size riders in your group. Basically just grab a rope and get on and go.

Kneeboarding has been going crazy these days and O’Brien has been on the forefront of pushing this sport to new levels. Most of us remember going out as kids and having a blast cruising around the lake on a kneeboard. We’d ride backwards, do surface spins, maybe a small jump here and there. Well things have changed. Now there are guys charging on kneeboards; doing huge jumps, spins, and flips. This isn’t just limited to the boat either.

Obrien has dominated the kneeboard market since it started. See the Obrien Story.

  • Paddeladustable strap
  • Intergrated hook
  • 3/4″ EVA pad
  • Variable beveled edge
  • Quad molded fins
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