We are open for curbside pickup, dockside delivery, and Canada-wide shipping!

Rental Information

Duration & Logistics

How is duration calculated?
Duration is calculated as 24 hours per day of the rental. So, if you are booking a 1 day rental, you could book for 1:00 PM Tuesday to 1:00 PM Thursday.
Can I pickup the rental? Where?
Yes, rental pickups are free. All rentals are picked up and dropped off from our Lakefield store, unless special accommodations have been made,
Can you deliver the rental to me?
Yes, we deliver within 300km at a rate of $1/km. Because rentals require 2 trips (1 to pickup and 1 to drop off, 1 to pickup) the rate is calculated at $2/km.
Will you setup/install the rental when you deliver?

No, setup/installation is not included.

Security Deposits & Contracts

Is a security deposit required?
Yes, a deposit is required at the time of pickup/delivery. The deposit amount is between $50 and $200 per item. Security deposits are refunded upon return of the rental in good condition.
Is there a contract?
Yes, the person paying for the rental will need to sing our rental agreement upon pickup/delivery.


How many of each item do you have?
We have between 2 and 6 of each item available for  rent.
Will kayaks become available again this season?
Yes, they will! We don't have an ETA on our new kayaks yet, but when we do, they will become available.


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