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The Connelly Voyage combo pair uses a traditional shape with a slightly wider frame, specifically under the bindings and going back to the tail end. The extra surface area makes getting up and out of the water easier while providing you with stability to perfect your balance and stance. Step base technology through the bottom tunnels reduces drag and gives the skis that free maneuvering feeling.

The slide adjustable binding allows you to fit any skier foot size between 6-14. These 68 inch combo skis are designed for skiers over 120 lbs to use as a set or slalom.

Pair these up with a good slalom rope and enjoy. Voyage combos come with built in inserts that can hold a trainer bar, so if you have beginners that you want to be successful on the first pull you can combine with a trainer bar to attach the skis together at the front. This will stop the dreaded splits from happening when you are first coming out of the water. 

• Reinforced composite construction
• Step base technology for less drag
• Beveled tips for turn initiation
• High gloss UV coat
• Stabilizer bar inserts


1 Year Warranty

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