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What’s up in SUP: best gear and waterways to up your game

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For a sport that has seen immense popularity in modern times, it’s hard to believe that stand up paddle boarding‘s roots are more than 3,000 years old. And when we say roots, we literally mean roots: it’s believed Peruvian fisherman stood up on rafts made of reeds to bring in the days catch. Of course, a SUP in 2015 bears little resemblance to the rafts and hollowed out logs used centuries ago. Today’s gear is ultra light, durable and undeniably modern thanks to product designers and materials engineers who pay attention to every single detail to ensure your days on the water are comfortable and most of all, fun.

Here’s what is up in SUP – and where to go to up your game in this incredible sport.

BIC’s ACE-TEC technology

The BIC ACE-TEC stand up paddle board is one of our hottest selling boards and for good reason: the materials used in it result in a board that is equally stiff and lightweight, perfect for newbies on flatwater and advanced paddlers ready to tackle longer distances in a bit of chop. The molded, watertight expanded polystyrene foam core is the secret to the board’s light weight and the outershell is a highly durable 0.8mm ASA skin thermoformed and pressure bonded in a steel mold.

Kahuna’s gamechanging Warrior technology

The folks at Kahuna spent a year-and-a-half perfecting the technology that went into its Warrior series of boards. They’re called Warriors for a reason: the Braddah, the Big and the Wahine are the toughest, most durable stand up paddle boards on the market. The innovation behind it is called Compression Moulding, where they layup and compress under heat with vacuum pressure in a mould. Drop it, whack it and smack it – this board endures whatever you throw at it.

Kahuna’s carbon fibre paddles

When you’re investing in new SUP gear, don’t pick just any old paddle to go with your board. A lightweight and stiff paddle can make the different between a pleasant or painful day on the water. Kahuna’s sleek carbon fibre paddles have a dynamic torque blade for accurate paddling, plus an upgraded power clamp to help make adjusting the length of your paddle easy. These deluxe paddles are included with the purchase of your Kahuna board.

Akona helps you get it on your GoPro

This Canadian-made line of boards understands that you want to capture every second of your time on the water. Sure, you can strap your GoPro on your body, but the real action happens on the water. The FCS Go-Pro mount on the nose of the board means you can relive and share your paddle with the world.

Top Places to SUP in the Kawarthas

Stoney Lake: the paddling here is quintessential Kawarthas, with tiny islands dotting the waterways, offering you a picturesque day on the water. Our store at 2279 McCracken’s Landing Road can help you get geared up and offer pointers on where to paddle.

Beavermead Lake: this sheltered lake in Peterborough is perfect for new paddlers or those wanting to get their om on for SUP yoga. Access the lake at Beavermead Park (located at 2011 Ashburnham Drive, Peterborough), where there is plenty of parking.

Balsam Lake: the sandy shores and calm water of Balsam Lake make this a popular destination in the summer – and it’s the ideal place for you to take your kids to introduce them to SUP. Balsam Lake Provincial Park offers ample parking and a great ways to turn your SUP adventure into a family day trip.

Paudash Lake: the rugged landscapes throughout Bancroft make Paudash Lake arguably the most scenic of SUP destinations in the Kawarthas. The sunrises here are epic, so we suggest hitting the water early, with Paudash Lake Beach in Bancroft being the best place to go. Don’t forget to stop in and visit us at our store at 163 Hastings Street in Bancroft.


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