Serious About Fun!


Stand up paddle boards are the fastest growing water sport and for good reason. The feeling of stand on the water and cruising effortlessly can,t be found anywhere else. Cottage Toys Stocks what we believe to be the best on the market.

Blu  Wave is designed in Collingwood and makes some of the best and prettiest Paddle boards around.

Expierience is designed in Barrie and gives us a very precise line with funtion and durability at the forefront.

Kahuna is a brand out of Whistler and prides itself on building stable, light weight boards that make the sport available to any skill level.

Bic is our longest selling board and offers endless choicce for you to get exactly the style of board for you. Weather you are looking for durability, price, displacement hulls, surf style, fitness or a cross over that can attach a sail to. Bic has it all.

Paddle boards are selected by size, style and construction. Like a lot of other water sports the

length is determined by the paddlers weight.

We are paddlers and love to share our knowledge to help you purchase the correct size and style for your needs. Please call or email us 705-761-5341 or andrew@cottage