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Upgrade your wakeboard gear for a better day on the water

Wakeboarders in the Kawarthas all have their favourite lakes to spend the day. Whether you launch from Pigeon, Stoney or Sturgeon, to make sure you have the best possible day of wakeboarding it’s essential to have great gear. Everything from the board itself to the bindings, life vest and rope, all play a key role in your comfort, and maybe most importantly, the number of trick you can do. Gear has come a long way in the past few years, offering boards that are more more durable without painful jolts and life vests that are stretchy yet just as safe are among recent industry innovations. We bet it’s time to give yourself a gear upgrade. Here’s where we think you should start.

Kinetic Project board by Ronix

A new energetic cable kingpin delivers the ultimate response and top water speed in Ronix’s high-end wakeboard, released in 2015. The full center rail creates a smooth transferring board from edge to edge while the speed walls create more top water speed and a durable bumper. Ronix put this board through its paces, with far more more testing than any cable board created! Plus, it looks great too. After you check out this video of Julia Rick on the Kinetic Project, you’ll want to go here to buy it, the board is that amazing.

Ronix One wakeboard boot by Ronix

Some days you want to be on the lake, some days you want to be at the park. Why should you have to have boots for both when one boot will do? That’s where Ronix’s One comes in. A perfect blend of support and mobility for a ride at the park or a day behind the boat. The boot’s front end perforation increases comfort and contact while the articulating cuff helps the the boot flex without boot distortion. You’ll love the comfortable Double Stuff Footbeds as much as you’ll love the rad colour choices: Atomic Yellow, White and Annodized Cherries.

Party reversible vest by Ronix

Not a single detail was overlooked in the vest by Ronix…especially the colours. This fully reversible vest packs a solid colour punch and for that reason is our best selling selfie jacket (really, it is!).  The neoprene shell is stretchier than ever, which means hours of endless ollies in comfort. At only 3 kg, it’s super light too. When you’re out wakeboarding in the Kawarthas and do snap that inevitable selfie, be sure to share it with us on the Cottage Toys Facebook page.

Next time you’re in Peterborough, Lakefield or Bancroft be sure to stop by one of our locations to let us help you upgrade your wakeboarding gear. You’ll be glad you did.

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