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The DYNAMIC SW CARBON SET is the result of a full year of work, research & test. This foil consolidates everything we were looking for: early lift, speed, ease of use and lightweight.
Together with our new hi-tech SWK carbon mast you get a top class performance and much lighter toy to ride even stronger. It is ideal for wingfoiling, sup/surf and downwinders.
We have worked on all components to obtain a product that provides outstanding efficiency, glide and reliability. The new SWK carbon mast is the state of the art when it comes to the engineering behind it. The end product we wanted was the stiffest in both flex and in torsion and definitely as light as possible.
A lighter fuselage with a large head withstands the pressure given by the wings during transitions and jumps. The new high aspect / full carbon Dynamic front wing is able to match performance and accessibility for truly all levels of riders. There is no disguising on this foil set.

Our new super light wind machine has been designed to achieve efficiency and glide in extremely marginal conditions. When used for wingfoiling it expands to a new light wind dimension. It takes off in a little gust and once you are flying you will appreciate its flow and glide in literally no wind. For Sup and downwinders it is a playful game due to its lift and smooth ride to continue the flight with ease for a more prolonged ride.

Recommended for wing riders between 90-100 kg and Sup downwinders.

  • New 2000cm2 moderate/high aspect full carbon Dynamic front wing
  • 373 cm2 Universal full carbon rear wing with negative dihedral
  • New extra stiff hi-tech SWK Carbon mast
  • New redesigned 76 cm light Universal fuselage
  • Solid connection using 8 mm diameter Torx screws and helicoil threads for mast, fuselage and wings. A reliable, strong and quick to assemble/disassemble connection.
  • New wider Hi density plastic mast foot connector/adaptor for improved lateral stiffness. No oxidation between mast and fuselage
  • Each component comes with a padded Cover with Velcro to fasten it inside the bag (foil set bag supplied separately).
DYNAMIC SW CARBON 2000 FOIL SET Y26 85 cm 76 cm Wing span 106 cms / wing area 2000 cm2 Wing span 52 cms / wing area 373 cm2
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