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Rave Aqua Jump Eclipse  water trampoline provides the most  fun you can have on the water! Aqua Jump is the original water trampoline,  quality built by Rave Sports to give you the big bounce. The Aqua Jump Eclipse  water trampolines have a frameless design. This patented design has 30% more  jump surface, is 30% lighter and 50% faster to set up than competitive models  without sacrificing bounce height!

A waterproof jumping surface is secured using springs to a heavy gauge,  inflatable, tube which is then anchored in the water. The whole water trampoline  can be assembled in less than an hour for family fun for all ages.

A durable boarding ladder comes with each Aqua Jump water trampoline. The ladder  is designed with  steps that go deep into the water and hand holds molded into  each step for easy boarding.

  • Quality made by Rave Sports.
  • Also available in AquaJump 150 (15'  Diameter).
  • No metal frame, springs attach directly to the trampoline.
  • Bigger jump surface, lighter and easier to set up than competitive  models.
  • Includes easy climb  boarding ladder, high speed  inflator and anchor connector.
  • Easily inflated with the high speed inflator in about 15  minutes.
  • Sets up in less than 1 hour.
  • Safety pad covers springs.
  • Made from heavy gauge, UV resistant, anti mold/mildew, fabric  reinforced PVC.
  • Commercial Quality; used by resorts and camps everywhere.
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects.
Eclipse 120 Eclipse 150 Eclipse 200
Jump surface 12 Foot Diameter
44 sq ft
10 sided polygon
15 Foot Diameter
65 sq ft
10 sided polygon
20 Foot Diameter
124 sq ft
14 sided polygon
Users 2 adults or 4 children
(500 lb. max)
2 adults or 4 children
(700 lb. max)
3 adults or 6 children
(1,050 lb. max)
Inflated size 146" (371cm) dia. x 26" (66cm) 179" (455cm) dia. x 36" (91cm) 227" (577cm) dia. x 36" (91cm)
Weight (lbs.) 65 130 185
Ladder 3 step 5 step 5 step
Springs 70 (5-1/4") 80 (5-1/4") 112 (7-1/4")
Tube material Commercial grade 28 oz. reinforced PVC, Heat-welded seams, UV-treated, Anti-Mold and Mildew
Anchor weight 25-75 lbs. 50-100 lbs. 75-125 lbs.
Available attachments Aqua Slide small
Aqua Log small
Aqua Slide
Aqua Log
Aqua Launch
Rope Swing
Aqua Slide
Aqua Log
Aqua Launch
Rope Swing
Set-up time 25-35 min. 30-40 min. 40-50 min.
Required water depth 10 feet
Warranty Limited Lifetime
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