Connelly Big Easy Wakesurfer

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A huge hit last summer and back for more fun, the Big Easy is a throwback to the soul carving style of the 1960's. A fantastic board for bigger riders or those surfing smaller waves.

In recent years the longboard style has continued to grow in popularity among wakesurfers. More and more people are starting to favor the old school, easy carving, soul turn sensation behind the boat. Connelly furthered the hype surrounding longboard style boards with the debut of the Big Easy last summer, their longest board built to date.

Standing at a whopping 5' 6" the Big Easy is a big board but very smooth and easy to ride. An impressive 28.6 liters of volume will get the biggest riders on the boat surfing and makes it possible to surf even the smallest of waves.

Built just like a traditional longboard, the Big Easy features an EPS foam core, 5mm stringer, and an epoxy construction for a light, responsive ride. The traction pad from tip to tail allows the rider to put their feet wherever on the board. More skilled riders will be able to dance their feet all over the board and even throw some toes over the nose for extra style points. The board starts to narrow towards the tail, making it surprisingly nimble and responsive for such a big board. Equipped with a tri-fin setup, easily customize how the board rides and tracks through the water. For the most pure longboard feel, just ride with the single longboard style 6.5" center fin. For better tracking through the water and grippier turns, throw in the FCS II 3.9" outside fins too.

Hop on the Big Easy, throw out a shaka, and let the good times roll.

  • Surf Design
  • Epoxy Construction
  • EPS Foam Core w/ 5mm Stringer
  • T.O.T.N. EVA Traction Pad
  • Tri Fin Setup
  • 6.5" Center Longboard Style Fin
  • FCS II Side Carver 3.9" Fins

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