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White Knuckle Triplet Triple Tube

$350.00 $299.00

white knuckle triplet
white knuckle triplet

White Knuckle Triplet Triple Tube

$350.00 $299.00

The White Knuckle Triplet

The White Knuckle Triplet  is a three rider tube with inflated seats, backrests and a quick connect. Comfortable, Stable and durable this tube really performs.

White Knuckle Triplet triple tube

Grab the family and get wet this weekend! The White Knuckle Triplet is a fully covered, triple rider cockpit style tube designed with a rounded nose for easy starts, large side gussets for extra stability, and a low center of gravity for a controlled ride. The large squared off stern keeps the tube White Knuckle Triplet stable on turns.

The bumps and lumps will be taken care of by the inflatable seat cushions. An inflated back rest ensures a comfortable ride every time. The White Knuckle Triplet is well suited for younger or timid riders at slow speeds and also for the more adventurist type at a little faster speed.

Heavy Duty 30 gauge PVC

840 Danier Nylon outer

Quick connect for easy hook ups

198 x 244 cm Double rider tube





Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 30 cm