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Rave Aqua Slide Small Northwoods Edition

$1,090.00 $930.00

Northwoods edition rave slide

Rave Aqua Slide Small Northwoods Edition

$1,090.00 $930.00


The Small Aqua Slide is used with the Aqua  Jump 120, Bongo 10 or 13.
The Large Aqua Slide is used with the Aqua Jump 150 or 200  and the Bongo 15 or  20.

Expand your Aqua Jump water trampoline or Bongo bounce platform with the  Aqua Slide to enhance your water  entertainment. Jump up or climb onto the  slide. Either way it’s an exciting and slippery ride to the water.
The beige and green earth tones of the Northwoods edition blend in to the  natural environment. Other than the colour difference, the Northwoods edition is  identical in every way to the Rave Aqua Slide.

  • Quality made by Rave Sports.
  • Easily inflated with a high speed  inflator or shop vacuum.
  • Sets up in less than 15 minutes.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Made from heavy gauge, UV resistant, fabric reinforced, anti  mold and mildew PVC
  • Commercial Quality; used by resorts and camps everywhere.
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
Aqua Slide Aqua Slide small
Inflated size 134″ x 36″ x 42″
(340cm x 91cm x 107cm)
84″ x 24″ x 30″
(213cm x 61cm x 76cm)
Material Commercial grade reinforced PVC
UV-treated, Anti-mold and Mildew
Set-up 10-20 min. 10-20 min.
Attaches to Eclipse 150
Eclipse 200
Bongo 15
Bongo 20
Eclipse 120
Bongo 10
Warranty Limited lifetime

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Weight 20.41 kg
Dimensions 68.58 x 50.8 x 45.72 cm