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Clear Water Iqaluit Kayak

$815.00 $779.00

Clear Water Iqaluit
Clear Water Iqaluit
Clear Water Iqaluit

Clear Water Iqaluit Kayak

$815.00 $779.00

Length: 11’8”
Width: 27”
Weight: 46 lb.
Cockpit: 50” x 18”
Capacity: 275 lb

The Clear Water Iqaluit is a very stable recreational kayak that offers a large cockpit opening.  The widest part of the kayak is behind the paddler.  It narrows quickly creating a nice sleek design. This kayak  is perfect for a small to mid sized paddler. Adjustable foot stops ensure a perfect fit for every paddler. The seat is the most comfortable seat with padding ob the bottom as well as the back rest, combined with the pump up lumbar you will enjoy a relaxing, comfortable paddle every time out.

– padded seat with pump up lumbar support
– adjustable footstops
– thigh pads
– minicell foam bulkhead
– 1 storage compartment
– deck rigging
– carry handles


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 305 x 50 x 60 cm

Red, Yellow, Sky, Storm, Stormy Sky, Fusion, Sea Foam, Firestorm