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5 Reasons to Take your own Snorkel Gear on Vacation

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Thinking of heading south this winter season. Here are 5 reasons to take your own Snorkel equipment with you.

1) Clean Equipment. No body likes the thought of putting a mask and snorkel on that has been used a thousand times. Add a small container of anti fog solution and your visibility will remain clear so you don’t miss anything.

2) Fit and Performance. A proper fitting mask, snorkel and fins will allow you to be comfortable and have a much better experience. A leaky mask can make things difficult. When you are shopping for a snorkel mask you need to try it on. If a mask fits properly it should remain on your face with no strap while inhaling slightly through your nose. Snorkels should fit in your mouth easily and not pull on your lips. A flex neck snorkel is a guaranteed comfortable fit.

Cottage toys sells a whole range of snorkeling kits that will ensure a perfect fit and ton of fun under the water.

3) Convenience. Many Destinations have amazing Snorkeling right off the beach. No need to charter an expensive boat or follow the pack. Most Snorkel packages sold at Cottage Toys come with a travel pack for easy carrying. You can place your wet snorkel gear in the bag after use and the vents will allow for drying. If space is a concern buy a set with small fins and you will have a compact set that will fit in your suitcase.

4) Years of Enjoyment. A good quality Snorkel kit from Cottage Toys with silicone gaskets and flex neck snorkels will last for years ensuring you a perfect clean fit every time.

5) It works at Home. The return home doesn’t mean you should retire your snorkel equipment until you go on vacation again. There are lots of great spot to check out here at home. If you have ever lost ant thing in the lake you know how handy a mask and snorkel can be.


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