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Connelly Eclypse Combo skis

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connelly eclypse combo skis
connelly eclypse combo skis


This premier combo pair is backed by decades of ski design experience. The Connelly Eclypse Combo skis are built for that extra response and bite you get out of a performance ski. Lace adjustable Swerve bindings provide side-to-side response and control. The aluminum drop through fin holds grip through aggressive turns without blowing out the tail. The wide nose and tail make deep water starts easier and the narrow waist keeps the ski lively and fun out on the water.


Connelly’s shapes are designed to be the perfect platform for your style of skiing. They achieve this by tuning the skis’ width, flex, rocker and bottom features to perform their absolute best within the speed range you ski.

Narrow skis sit deeper in the water giving you more contact and control with less surface area. Less width also makes edge transitions faster, requiring less leverage, allowing quick turns, high angles and explosive speed. Connelly’s top end skis are designed for maximum performance at higher speeds.

At slower speeds, more width is necessary to keep the ski in the perfect position in the water so it can perform as intended. Connelly uses the same basic features thier top end skis use, only tuned for the slower speeds to maximize performance and control. Slower speeds give more control to the skier, providing a more stable and predictable ride.

Connelly Eclypse Combo skis


  • Reinforced composite


  • Swerve Lace Adjustable


  • 2 x 67” / 170cm


  • Aluminum drop through
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 160 x 15 x 15 cm


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connelly eclypse combo skis

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